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Functions and Benefits of Cycling

Who do you think cycling is a hobby, a sport which is also effective enough to burn calories the body. When you're cycling, the muscles of the foot pedal bicycles will be withdrawn, the body was followed to maintain a balance so that bicycles can still stand up with a balanced and sliding forward. Meanwhile, your hand will control its navigation. Do not believe everything your body does not move, you are sitting on a bike going through exercises that burn calories.

Nowadays, many office workers, both in America, or Indonesia and other countries mengampanyekan programs 'bike to work'. In addition to environmentally friendly, the program also provides various other benefits, including:

1. Body burns calories!

Had already been discussed above, that the bike will help the body burn calories. Approximately how many calories burned? For example, a woman with a body weight of 50.39 biking as far as 19-22 kilometers in one hour. In one hour she had bu…