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maternal and fetal health

Matters Requiring Attention in Early Pregnancy:

Eat 1-2 dishes more nutritious foods in a day-especially if you're skinny, eat more vegetables and fruit, side dishes - red meat, chicken, eggs, fish, peas and beans every day.

Check regularly to pregnancy midwife or other health care workers.

Drinking from the midwife iron supplements every day to prevent bleeding during childbirth.

Receive an injection of TT 2 times during pregnancy

Using iodized salt in food every day for fetal health.

Keep doing everyday activities and exercise regularly, but take care not too tired.

The things that must be avoided For Fetal Health

Working too hard and not getting enough rest.

Indiscriminate medicine unless a doctor's prescription.

Abdominal massage.

Being around children with measles or German measles.


Drinking alcoholic beverages

Working with and inhaling pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.

Eating too little with monotonous menus, no food should be avoi…