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Tests for Nursing Mothers

Are you a mother who is breastfeeding? High-Desert have some questions for you.

Does your baby's weight increases?
Added a constant weight was a sign that the baby getting enough food intake. Weight is lost when the new born will usually grow back again and within ten days to two weeks. Although every baby examination must involve the process of body weight, you can add a schedule of weighing if you are worried or concerned about your baby's weight.

How often do you breastfeed your baby?
Newborn babies are usually fed as many as eight to twelve times a day or once every two to three hours. During development, your baby will be requested to breastfeed longer. Trust your body the ability to fulfill the request.

Can you hear your baby swallowing?
If you look carefully, you will hear the sound when your baby swallowing. Also note the rhythmic movement, constant, and stronger in the lower jaw to your baby. Even a drop of water may drip milk from your baby&…