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SECRET Vocal (singing) THE RIGHT

SECRET Vocal (singing) THE RIGHT

to become a singer in need knowledge of basic vocal techniques

. Where the goal to produce the sounds & melodic tones and beautiful, besides knowing the use of our vocal chords do not really broken.
Elements of vocal technique:
1. Posture
2. Respiratory Diaphragm
3. Sound Formation
4. Articulation Pronunciation
5. Resonance
6. Phrasering
7. Vibrato

That need to be noticed in the singing voice for singing that is not the same as a voice in everyday conversations.
Voice for singing requires the management of the high tones of low, rythem a uniform. Therefore there are some things that need to be noticed in singing.

1. Body attitude, standing or sitting can be done in singing. Should not be stiff and tense, his hands there should be no burden and disturb the chest cavity, should be relaxed and free.
2. Breathing is the most important element in singing. Taking the air as much as possible and remove them sparingly and slowly. Chest and abdominal breath…