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There are 7000 kinds of apples in this world with diverse properties. Although the nutrient content of each different type of apple but so far scientists know the content of the fruit's potassium or potassium can prevent stroke, reduce blood sugar and blood cholesterol.
Most people consume apples directly so saja.ada also like to process them into juice, syrup or extra flavorings. There is also a processing apples into vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is the best source of soluble fiber, which do not contain cholesterol, fat and sodium.
The content of pectin effectively reduces bad cholesterol plugs blood vessels and increase levels of good cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.
As a good source of fiber, apples are an excellent snack for people who are losing weight, so as to prevent the hunger that comes more quickly.
For women, the birth of boron in apples shown to help women maintain hormone levels of estrogen at menopause. Maintaining estrogen means to reduce in…

effects of cigarette consumption

Smoked has been the normal matter was encountered by us everywhere in the world. This habit has been so wide was carried out both in the educated environment high and educated low. Smoked has become the complex problem that was related to the psychological aspect and the social sign. Many researches were carried out and were even realised that smoked disrupted the health of the body. But to stop this activity really was difficult. Smoked especially could cause the illness kardiovaskuler and cancer, good lung cancer, oesophagus, laryng, and the cavity in the mouth. Cancer in the cavity in the mouth usually is begun with the existence of the irritation from cigarettes products that were burnt and sucked. This irritation caused lesi white that was not sick. Moreover smoked also could cause cavity deviations in the mouth for example to the tongue, gums, the mouth mucosa, teeth and the ceiling that take the form of stomatitis nikotina and the fungus infection.
The cigarette smoke contained…


Combined the traditional method and modern technology, Cryosurgery became the alternative method of taming cancer. This method also did not need the cost that was not too expensive. The medical world continued to work hard to tame cancer. Various technology were then applied for this deadly illness recuperation. One of them was cryosurgery. Cancer was still becoming the spectre was most frightening. Moreover this illness could also attack everyone, and all the age groups. Indeed the person was above 40 years old had the bigger risk when being compared by the age beneath it. Cancer was the illness that was caused by the growth of the abnormal cell. Generally cancer was not reduced, but had several kinds genetically could be dropped off.
The cause of cancer until this was not yet known definitely. However, there were several factor that it was suspected could increase the risk of the occurrence of cancer. For example like the chemical, like tar to cigarettes, the industrial chemical, th…

Apples to cure the diabetes illness

Several diabetes kinds evidently could be cured, by means of eating apples every day, for approximately 3-4 months. The available content in functioning apples to return the function of the pancreas to produce insulin. In the case of diabetes, the achievement of the pancreas was disrupted and could not produce insulin well (not did not produce completely). For that was lazy or did not like to eat apples, could be replaced by drinking the apples vinegar (apple cidder) in an orderly fashion. This apples vinegar usually is available in self-service and pharmacies. Eat apples by means of digested more was suggested because in the process digested stimulasion of several glands in the area of the mouth happened. For that still was healthy, to avoid diabetes, improved the pattern of eating, especially should not eat food or the drink/syrup that contained the artificial sweetener, because precisely this artificial sweetener that triggered damage to the pancreas, whereas consuming the natural …

Overcame premature ejaculation

the sexual obstacle that quite often was experienced by the men apart from dysfunction ereksi was the premature ejaculation. Was not ready in having sexual relationship, became wrong his cause factor. It is not surprising, if often was male that did not realise if he experienced the premature ejaculation. "Had sexual relationship that needed readiness." Not only the physical matter but also bounced. The premature ejaculation because of the man was not ready to face sexual relations. Because this illness was linked with the nervous system. To parents, generally because his nerves capacity to control the ejaculation was disrupted, said Dr Dr A Wardihan Sinrang, Ms to the Dawn in his office in the Unhas Rectorate, on Wednesday June 14. The man usually did not understand and only complained concerning the problem of the too fast ejaculation. In fact, that has been the sexual disturbance. Basically, the man that the premature ejaculation, could ereksi and carried out sexual relat…



Acute respiratory failure is the failure of gas exchange in the lung, marked by the downs in arterial oxygen levels (hypoxemia) or rising levels of carbon dioxide (hypercarbia) or a combination thereof.
criteria for diagnosis in patients who breathe the air in the room get the results of blood gas analysis:
1. PaO2 less than 60 mmHg
2. PaCO2 more than 49 mmHg without any disruption of primary metabolic alkalosis

respiratory failure can be caused by a wide - range of both acute and chronic diseases that become acute again (acute on chronic). Acute respiratory failure can also arise from chronic lung disease, especially chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (PPOM or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which became acute again (acute on chronic respiratory failure).
in this case causes obstruction of breath in hypersecretion, mucosal edema and bronchi spasms. bronchi spasm frequently occurs in asthma. Chronic bronchitis can develop int…


PROCESS MAY (Pathophysiology) INTRA Cerebral hematoma
Intracerebral hemorrhage is usually caused by head trauma. Bleeding is due to arterial or venous bleeding in the brain, bleeding walk slowly - the land so that symptoms that occur too slowly, intracerebral hemorrhage is more common in the area before the cases were diagnosed and evaluated early so prognosanya recovery will occur which is usually good.
With intracerebral hemorrhage have an accompanying picture is a history of head trauma, signs and symptoms appear in people depending on size and location of bleeding in the brain. Sign of increased intra kronial pressure showed a large bleeding and suppress vital structures of the brain. Bleeding that occurred in temporal areas can be dangerous because of potential side effects of lateral herniation.
Intra-cerebral hemorrhage caused by hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures causing ischemia (reduced flow) and hypoxia on the downstream. Causes of hemorrhagic …

Clinical manifestations of INTRA CEREBRAL HEMATOMA

Clinical manifestations of cerebral hematoma INTRA

1. When the hematoma enlarges sufficiently to suppress hemister cerebri, decreased consciousness occur gradually - gradually develops into a coma and death if the bleeding is not excluded
2. When the decreased level of consciousness, pupillary dilatation in these lesions have occurred hemiplegic and contralateral.
3. In an emergency can happen sensory disorders.

In intra-cerebral hemorrhage, due process demanded space will be an increase in intra-cranial pressure.


1. CT. Scan head which is the choice procedure to diagnose the bleeding.
2. angiography may be used if the procedure CT.Scan no result.

TREATMENT FOR PATIENTS intra cerebral hematoma

Patients with intra cerebral hematoma requiring intensive care and need to be dealt with:
1. Oxygen examination.
2. Ensure airway
3. Hemostatika
4. Anti cerebral edema (koralkosteroid, deuretik)
5. Stimulant SPP (nicholin)
6. Anticonvulsants (Dilantin, Valium)
7. Antibiotics for the preventi…



1. Cerebral tissue perfusion changes associated with cerebral edema.
2. Ineffective breathing pattern related to damage neurovaskuler.
3. Changes in sensory perception associated with neurological deficits.
4. pikier process changes associated with physiological changes.
5. Damage to physical mobility related to immobilization.
6. Risk of infection associated with invasive procedures.
7. Nutrition less than body requirements related to hyper metabolic status.
8. High risk associated with changes in the process of family crisis transition situations.
9. lack the knowledge to know the prognosis and treatment needs related to not knowing the source of information.


Bleeding that arriveds in the brain tissue is a form that destroy the hemorrhagic stroke and can occur at any age. Various - kind of spontaneous bleeding in the brain and are generally multi-factorial.
Various forms of congenital and are present in cardiovascular disease is the most common causal mechanism, but similar structures can also occur from complications of primary and secondary brain tumors, inflammation and autoimmune diseases of the brain, brain trauma, or a manifestation of systemic disease that causes hypertension.

Intra cerebral hematoma is a hematoma caused by bleeding in the cerebral cortex is usually most common in temporal lobe, followed in the frontal, parietal, and sometimes on sereblum.
This bleeding usually comes from the artery, so that very quickly entered into the ventrical and pressing the brain stem as well as others.